I'm Square/Carre, and it's about time I make this place just a tiny bit more lived in. Still nothing big or serious for now.

Still not sure how this minisite will go, or what I'll do with it, but I do know my way around an HTML, CSS and javaScript or two. So I've got plenty of ways to experiment.

With only 1GB of space available, I have to be judicious in how I use it, but I'm not necessarily complaining.

Splitting stuff into multiple short HTML pages would be a cute idea here, but would also add overhead for each page. Even using JS to load a template. Perhaps adding a special JS only way of splitting a page, such as a read more button.

With a bit more finnicking, I could create stories for this place, that use both normal html text and re-usable images for character portraits and locations. Somewhat like a visual novel game, or a traditional illustrated book, or perhaps more technically like a forum or chatroom, with portraits accompanying all dialogue.

I'm currently using JavaScript to re-use elements across pages, without having to copy+paste things too much, or to store the same stuff in multiple pages. It's not as templatey as if this was all server-side instead, but it does keep space small.